I carry it with me everywhere I go; like a reference manual…a sacred text.

Luz Díaz

Individual and Group Grief Support Services, Los Angeles, CA

If you are a human being on this earth and are in contact with even just one other human being, ever, you must read this book.

Denise Martini

Spiritual Counselor, Soma Sense, Sonoma, CA.

Marianna models how learning and practicing the art of being present with one another, fiercely and compassionately, restores us. This book is accessible, soulful, and timeless.

Johnny Manzon-Santos

Leadership Coach, Pearl Diving LLC,

…So beautifully written, so important, so healing.

With gratitude, Sara Harris, MFT

…I feel I learned more about how to truly be with someone in their pain than I did in grad school.

Mary Teegarden, MSW

Hidden Valley, CA

Ahhh it’s late and I want to go to sleep, but I CAN’T put your book down!!!

Robert Petrillo

Tucson, AZ.

Every member of Our ‘Victims of Homicide’ group has had children or loved ones murdered. your book is so inclusive of the pain we’ve all gone through. It’s an asset in our library.

Jane Orydzuk

Victims of Homicide Edmonton, Alberta Canada