Being There for Someone in Grief

In ancient times, art was useful and it is said that souls intent on living would reach deep into their wound and bring the fire living there into the light. Marianna Cacciatore is of this lineage. She has been shaped early by loss and has lifted its lessons out into the open. All with clarity and love.

Mark Nepo, NY Times Bestseller The Book of Awakening

New Book Coming Soon – 2023

Reinvesting in Life

The Infinite Journey from Grief to Generosity & Love

Marianna Cacciatore has literally spent the bulk of her llife listening for where life refuses to wither, especially in the presence of the most painful loss, grief, and death. She offers priceless gifts, potent in their simplicity that can help us all bear fruitful witness to that inner strength and healing in anyone who struggles with the ache of grief and loss.

Wayne Muller, A life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough

Marianna Cacciatore, MDiv

Marianna’s book, Being There for Someone in Grief is a guide for hospice bereavement volunteers, a textbook for those learning to work with people in grief, and a resource for anyone who has ever wondered how to help a friend.

Her soon to be released second book, Reinvesting in Life—The Infinite Journey from Grief to Generosity & Love is about the hopeful outcome of the grief journey.

She serves as member of the board of TLC – The Learning Community for Loss, Grief and Transition a teaching organization she co-founded with friends in the grief community in Tucson, AZ. She is a Lifetime Emeritus Board Member of Tu Nidito (Your Little Nest) which merged in 2000 with the organization she founded in 1990 called Children to Children—A Center for Children & Families in Grief.

There’s something about deep wounding that can be a pathway to deep, deep love.
It’s a very beautiful thing when the wound becomes the doorway.

—Henry Shukman, One Blade of Grass: Finding the Old Road of the Heart