Love is a profound opening of the heart that inspires compassionate, affectionate, and selfless actions. We all possess a boundless love and a natural desire to give it—a true and pure generosity. When we’ve been hurt, however, we naturally protect ourselves and hold back our love. Without awareness, that protection eventually turns itself inward and we suffer, hardening our heart in ways both large and small, seen and unseen. With awareness and healing, we can soften, open, and nurture a love that grows. The Way of Love, Generosity, and Grief is a series of classes designed to explore these concepts in a safe environment, over time, with a small cohort, in a variety of interactive ways—readings and talks, discussions and questions, poetry, music and meditation. We’ll train in mindful self-compassion, compassion for others, patience and generosity. With spacious time and generous attention, we’ll come to understand and experience life through a new prism—that of the alchemy of Love, Generosity, and Grief. This training is drawn from the upcoming book of the same name, which will be used as our text.

From the book’s Foreword by best-selling author, Mark Nepo:
"Ultimately, this book affirms what all the traditions have proposed since the beginning—that birthed from grief and love, generosity is the way of being that can repair the world. As such, the journey before you is a kind and strong invitation to be your own explorer in the archetypal path through grief and love that no one can escape. It is how our souls are refined and solidified into the gems that they are. So take a breath, open your heart, and read this book. Like a hike to a clearing from which life reveals itself more fully, you will see life differently on the other side."

​​In this series of classes, Marianna Cacciatore, founder of the Children to Children grief support program at Tu Nidito, draws on her professional experience in the field of grief, and a sixteen-year career in the field of philanthropy, to bring attention to the ways in which generosity can lift us up from the hard things we experience in life and carry us to a place of love.
Her compelling way of telling stories from her own life and the lives of others becomes a healing balm that stays with you long after you’ve gone home.  Hers is a hopeful message that does not gloss over the hard realities we face, but instead treats them with a tenderness that offers respect for the truth, and a perspective that gives us courage and hope.

Class Dates: Our 2016/17 Session is Closed. However, this class is taught annually. Dates for 2017/18 will be posted in Spring of 2017.
Location:  Tucson Community Meditation Center - 1231 E. Edison, Tucson, AZ 


​Steve Ross M.A., L.M.F.T. (CA) will be our teacher and resource guide for mindfulness and meditation skills throughout the training. He is in private practice in Tucson, AZ—Mindful Counseling & Consulting—as a meditation teacher, counselor, and stress management specialist. He received his MA in Psychology, and a License in Marriage and Family Therapy. Steve’s been involved in yoga and meditation for nearly 50 years. As a young adult, he took monastic vows in an Eastern order and taught spiritual practices around the world for nine years. Later he learned mindfulness meditation from Jack Kornfield at Spirit Rock Meditation Center (, and he continues to focus on the principles and practices of Theravada Buddhism. His main teachers currently are Upasaka Culadasa in Tucson ( and Thanissaro Bhikku, Abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery near San Diego, CA (

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