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​stitching the Heart back together (coming in 2018)

There is a natural relationship between our sorrow and our generous nature, When that relationship is nurtured to grow, we are ushered into an experience of love, belonging, and connection that is life-changing and transformative. It awakens us to a larger experience of life we didn’t know existed inside us, a love we didn’t know was achievable.
If, in the pilgrimage through life's hardships, we don’t turn away, it weathers and matures us in a good way. We grow more humble, and compassionate. Attentive and kind. How does this work? As we begin to heal from whatever it was that troubled the waters, the impulse to act in generous ways naturally arises. If we notice that impulse and act on it--especially if we do this repeatedly-- our actions become a generative, dynamic force that keeps us in a caring, compassionate relationship with all living things, including ourselves. With time and care, our own true love rises, and we ultimately discover, surprise upon miracle, that an astonishing depth of love is within us, and has been inside us all along.

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BEING THERE FOR SOMEONE IN GRIEF: Essential Lessons for Supporting Someone Grieving from Death, Loss, and Trauma

Being There for Someone in Grief 
Grief and loss are inevitable, a part of life’s journey. At one time we will need to midwife someone we love through their grief; at another time we will need to be held in ours – each taking turns loving, grieving, and holding each other along the way.
In the pages of this book, you will learn how to be present for another in the unpredictability that death, and other losses, bring. You will become skilled at being present for yourself, noticing your own fears and losses while being available to another. The stories and insights offered in this book will assure you that we are all on a journey from birth to death and that the person you love who is grieving will return from their dark night, although both of you may be changed. 
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