stitching the heart back together
A 3-Month Training Program

​Love is a profound opening of the heart that inspires compassionate, affectionate, and selfless actions. We all possess a boundless love and a natural desire to give it—a true and pure generosity. When we’ve been hurt, however, we naturally protect ourselves and hold back. Fear and mistrust take hold.  Without awareness, protective patterns become habitual and we suffer, hardening our heart in ways both large and small, seen and unseen. With awareness and healing however, a period of prolonged suffering can lead to transformation. We can soften, open, and return to love.
Stitching the Heart Back Together is a series of six half-day classes designed to explore these concepts in a safe environment, over time, with a small cohort, in a variety of interactive ways—readings and talks, discussions and questions, poetry, music and meditation.

This training is drawn from the upcoming book of the same name, which will be used as our text.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  READ MORE

stitching the heart back together

WELCOME. I'm so happy you're here. I've been writing a lot lately, and have a new book in the works, Stitching the Heart Back Together 

During my 16 years working in philanthropy, I noticed that many of the people receiving our grants had a story or two about having come through a dark time, and as a result, created a life rooted in service to others. I could relate because I, too, years earlier, had founded a grief support center and written my first book, Being There for Someone in Grief, while healing from the murder of my best friend. This connection piqued my interest, and I began to notice everywhere               READ MORE                                                                                                                                           

When in the company of people in grief, I often hear them say it is rare to have someone among their family and friends who can “hold space” for them in a way that is quiet and calm—a spacious way that neither invades or evades. I wrote this book as a response to that comment. 

My deepest wish is that I have found just the right words to help you be there for someone you know or love, who needs your deep presence as they grieve.